BVE 2011 Review

Last week team Object Matrix did BVE 2011. In style.

It was our first ‘proper’ stand at a trade show, not sharing, not squatting  (you know who you are), our own space. It felt great and more importantly helped to cement our current position in the market. The turnout at the show was excellent which was either driven by the timing of the show (not in a half term) or people out there have problems that need solving.

Virtually all of the people who came to the stand to see us (or got enticed by the free sweets) had storage problems of one kind or another. A volume of data, find, scaling and cost. Resonate? Also the whole management of content piece. For those needing something simple and usable, our own DropSpot proved popular. For those requiring more of an asset management platform, the bundled MAM solution we jointly announced with Cantemo and Vidispine last week went down a storm with Tim giving non-stop demos.

The show also helped to facilitate better working relationships with reseller and technology partners alike. Watch this space for new collaborative solutions.

So to the stand.

We have ‘done’ BVE in one guise or another since 2009. To understand where we are today you have to understand where we have been.

  • BVE 2009 (kindly given a corner by the lovely chaps at NMR
  • BVE 2010 (half a stand. White board concept born)
  • BVE 2011 (It’s all about the brand 😉 )

The View From OM

We are chuffed with how the show panned out and by the reaction. I have not been a huge fan of trade shows in general but this experience has changed my mind about how productive they can be. Head of Sales is a happy man. I do still have show knees and feet mind you .. some things take longer to recover! See you all at NAB and IBC!

Many thanks to our partners at the show who also represented MatrixStore. We really appreciate the effort.