• 13 May 2016

Business Continuity in Multiple Avid Interplay Configurations

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Avid Interplay Environmenrs

Business Continuity in Multiple Avid Interplay Configurations

Business Continuity in Multiple Avid Interplay Configurations 1024 510 Object Matrix

Business Continuity in Multiple Avid Interplay Configurations


This post describes how MatrixStore can be used to implement a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy for organisations relying on multiple, or single, Avid Interplays in their production workflows.

This post does not dive into details of how InterConnect or MatrixStore function but it provides an overview as to how they collaborate with Avid Interplay.

Automating Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The main objective of this post is to show how productions on a given facility can continue to a remote site in the event of a local outage. The following workflows are discussed:

  • Production data generated in an Avid Interplay environment and stored in a MatrixStore cluster on a local site can be replicated to a remote site and be restored on a remote Interplay so that the production can be continued on the remote site.
  • The configuration in the example consists of:
    • Primary Production Site
      • 7 x Avid Interplay/ISIS
      • 1 x MatrixStore cluster (528TB)
      • 7 x Object Matrix InterConnect* Instances
    • Disaster Recovery Site
      • 1 x Avid Interplay/ISIS
      • 1 x MatrixStore cluster (528TB)
      • 1 x Object Matrix InterConnect*

*Interplay archive application from Object Matrix

  • New production data generated on the remote site can be replicated back to the original site so productions can be restored and continued on the original site including the new data.
  • Optional: glooport* solutions can be used to facilitate automated LoRes/HiRes workflows at the DR site.
    • media|transformer will automatically create an H.264 proxy that can be moved to the DR Interplay | PAM system.
    • media|retriever will do partial restores of HiRes media from the DR MatrixStore cluster to the DR Interplay | PAM system.

*Family of intelligent media management tools from Glookast

The following diagram shows the topology of a multiple Avid Interplay BC & DR platform that has been deployed and is in production today. Object Matrix Business Continuity in Multiple Interplay ConfigurationsIn the case of an outage at the local site production staff can move to use infrastructure at the DR site.

The following picture shows InterConnect Explorer with the Search window. InterConnect Explorer with the Search window.This process is completely compatible with multiple Interplays on the local site and a single Interplay on the remote location since the operator can choose which assets to be restored and checked-in. There is no need for mirroring Interplay databases.

Future Proof

By archiving both the data and the metadata it is possible to retrieve any asset residing in MatrixStore with any Object Matrix application. This means you do not necessarily need a MAM, DAM or PAM on the DR location.

Benefits of proposed workflow

The proposed solution will provide the following unique benefits:Buffered movement of media between the main site and DR site which provides tolerance for failures or degraded connectivity between the main site and DR site.Automated replication of new assets and of deletes between main and DR site.Storage of HiRes at the DR site in a lower cost solution.Capability to automatically create and work with proxies at the DR Site.Automated partial restore of content at the DR site.The above benefit in conjunction with the previous one allows a lowering of both bandwidths as well as storage requirements for the DR ISIS system.Very low TCO with fully automated processes available.

About Glookast

Established in 2009, GLOOKAST is redefining MXF-based broadcast and drama production workflows. Gloobox and Glooport family of products were developed from ground up with key capabilities to address news, sports, archive, disaster recovery, and post-production workflows. With a set of modular and highly customizable tools, GLOOKAST makes implementation of true multi-format, multi-resolution workflows a reality. GLOOKAST products are widely used by broadcasters, content producers, universities, and post-production facilities in the USA, Latin America, and Europe.


About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the leading provider of object storage and nearline archive solutions to the media/entertainment industry. Based in Cardiff (UK), it has an impressive track record for providing tightly integrated digital preservation platforms and is trusted by global broadcasters, telcos, banks and utility companies to ensure their video content is always available. Customers include Globo, Fox Sports, France Télévisions, BT, the BBC, Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Deutsche Bank & the Miami Heat to name a few.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search, and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.