BT TV Case Study Update

8 years of running A Digital Content Governance Platform For Video On Demand

BT Case Study

The Original Customer Challenge

The British Telecom ‘BT TV’ platform provides video on demand (VOD) to its broadband customers across the UK. Content that is ingested from many varied delivery networks is required to be protected and available to be transcoded into any number of formats for future delivery to end customers.

Originally the VOD content was only protected in a large LTO tape robot making access to the material slow and cumbersome. BT required a solution that could provide instant access to the content it needs to protect and re-purpose whilst requiring little or no administrative management.

After ruling out the continued use of an LTO product on the basis of speed and management overhead, the MatrixStore private cloud platform from Object Matrix was selected as the best solution.

Peter Harvey, Head Of Operations, Content Media Operations, BT TV, said:

MatrixStore has allowed BT to deliver a number of high profile projects with some very challenging timescales and will continue to support the delivery phases of any new or associated projects. The simplicity and efficiency allow high volume Master restoring to enable new or extended file formatting ensuring related deadlines are achieved.

A History of Future Proof Upgrades

Facts from the 8 years of operation:

  • Original private cloud platform: 8 nodes
  • Highest number of nodes: 50 (primary cluster)
  • Generations of hardware: 10 (at one point 8 generations existed in the same cluster)
  • Nodes decommissioned: 37 (Replaced with 10 nodes providing more capacity, taking less space and power)
  • Applications used: MatrixStore API, Vision, MXFS, DropSpot
  • MatrixStore is operational 8760 hours in the year (Hours spent managing the solution: 15 – 20 hours per year)

During this 8 year period, BT TV experienced an uptime of 99.99% even including scheduled upgrades and outages.

Out of the box MatrixStore provides:

  • Highly secure vaults instantly and constantly protecting content based on defined policies
  • Guaranteed data authenticity and sovereignty coupled with ongoing automated data verification and repair
  • Standard file protocols for transformation workflows and an open API for integration with existing and future file based workflows
  • A scalable solution that requires little or no management enabling the addition of future storage technologies as and when they become available
  • Compatible in any NLE workflow allowing content to be browsed directly from the private cloud platform
  • Migration in place: content moves automatically to newer storage technology as and when legacy hardware is decommissioned
  • Full metadata support enabling flexible search and browse workflows

Find out how Object Matrix can help you and your organisation to resolve your storage challenges.

Please, download our BT TV Case Study to find out more:

BT TV Case Study

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award winning UK based software company that pioneered Digital Content Governance (DCG), object storage and the modernisation of digital video workflows. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud solutions are tightly integrated into file based and IP workflows and bring economic and operational benefit to all of our customers. Our flagship product, MatrixStore, is used by the world’s largest organisations that create and distribute video content, including NBC, TV Globo, MSG-N, the BBC & BT.