• 12 September 2018

Brian Hardman – Object Matrix

Brian Hardman Visionary

Brian Hardman – Object Matrix

Brian Hardman – Object Matrix 800 450 Object Matrix

Brian Hardman – Object Matrix Visionary

How I Met Object Matrix


Brian has been in the Broadcast and Post arena for over 35 years. Since starting out as an engineering Graduate at Granada, he became a post workflow specialist and did pioneering work in the early days of the adoption of Non Linear Editing. He moved into product management and development with Lightworks and Tektronix, before moving back into the post facility arena as Technical Director at Sumners Post in Manchester. He has subsequently headed up the Farm North operation within BBC North and is now Head of Broadcast Post operations for dock10.  

The Reason Why I Believed in Object Matrix

I’ve always believed in the cliché that this is a people business – whether its building my own teams, or working with trusted partners and suppliers. I’ve also been around long enough to remember the days when the broadcast industry was firmly based on supplier relationships that were rooted in a deep mutual understanding of each other’s business. I first met the OM guys over 10 years ago, when much of the traditional supplier structures were significantly changing due to the influx of the dreaded ‘IT Crowd’. Many of these newcomers failed to realise the nuances of our cottage industry and many fell by the wayside. OM stood out at this time as – aside from being thoroughly nice chaps – they demonstrated a real desire to understand the broadcast & post sector and were totally receptive to learning about the specific challenges. They were also open to knowledge exchange partnerships – with a total lack of arrogance in approach – which again made them stand out from the (IT) crowd. They have, thankfully, continued in this refreshing vein ever since – and have carved themselves a unique position in our industry. I am personally delighted for Nick, Jon and the guys – that they have firmly stuck to their ethos and that this has seen them go from strength to strength. Nice guys can come first! (and the tech isn’t bad either…).

Object Matrix Comment

We met Uncle Brian after Visionary Sharman made an intro in 2009. At the time Bri was the tech director of one of the UKs’ most renowned post companies and had a problem to fix due the world going file based.

As is typical with Brian he sought out innovation to fix his problems but he needed to work with a company he would work with! People buy from people after all! Little did he know that Mr Andrews and I would impact profits so much everytime the famous cake trolley went by… 😉

Brian was instrumental and very influential across the whole market place being one of the first people in post (globally) to cross the chasm and adopt object storage in creative workflows. Something both Brian and Rich (Moss) have been doing for almost 10 years now.

That makes it very easy to call Brian an innovator in our industry.

Since Brian left Sumners we have remained good friends (easy to do given Mr Hardman is probably the nicest chap in the entire industry) and he remains an influence on our strategic direction.

Thanks a lot Mr Toes. It’s alway an immense pleasure to spend time with you.