Big Fat Pipes to the Cloud

The Cloud. Love or loath the new terminology 99% of us have been using cloud-like services for the last decade (at least). Your first Hotmail or Yahoo account was Mail in the cloud, access from anywhere, no idea where your email is stored. It just is. But the cloud is immature as a complete offering when it comes to storage as a service. (Saas, STaas, Aaas, or whatever the industry eventually agrees on). For organisations/individuals who deal with relatively small files storage in the cloud can be a boon, to other industries with larger formats of content it’s a non-starter .

The reason is nothing to do with the cloud in itself (though using a cloud vendor as your sole repository for content does, possibly, leave your data held to ransom) it is the ability, or lack of, to move large files to and from the cloud. Companies operating in the creative industries are often crippled by the inability to quickly send/share content with clients or collaborators. The vast majority of this creative community are small to medium businesses 80-90% of who cannot afford fibre connections to their premises and their broadband connections just do not cut the mustard. Its like pushing a 16LB bowling ball through 1/4 inch copper pipes..

Video & Audio need Big Fat Pipes

The Creation and post-production of video and audio content is a collaborative affair often involving geographically separated teams. Whilst work can and is carried out on proxies there is often the need to share content in its native format. Life would be so much easier if the content could get there that much quicker.

Implementing Fibre to your business can cost £10-15k just to connect and £10-15k p.a there after.. 90% of the creative companies in the UK cannot afford that. Even Sohonet (one of the good guys) can be too costly for a large portion of the market. There are aggregation products like Synscy and Signiant on the market to help matters but the underlying problem lies in the infrastructure. Steve Duplessie talks in his recent blog about scarcity of power and floorspace .. if ever there was a scarcity it is in the communications space.

The View from OM

Until we all live life in the fast lane some industries will struggle to take advantage of the cloud