#BeMoreOleg or #BeMoreBendigedig?

#BeMoreOleg or #BeMoreBendigedig?

We know as a manufacturer we are meant to say

All is going well, that life is great and we are having our best year ever.

I am sure for many, like me, it becomes very “Oleg-like”. You know who Oleg is if you use Linkedin frequently. Oleg has more inspirational moments happen to him every day than people getting murdered wherever Mrs. Marple or Jessica Fletcher went!

Well, in this case, I am glad to say that this year, has again, been the best year ever for Object Matrix for many reasons. It has been “bendigedig” (Fantastic!), as we say in Wales :

1. We beat our “stretch targets” (that one just for you Mr. Andrews 😉 ). The great thing about that is that we beat our targets! The not so great thing for a sales person is that the next morning (Dec 1st) the clock started again to meet an even bigger goal!

There is no off season for sales professionals!

A post coming in 2018 on that topic but for now we are very happy to have closed off a super year with a 3rd straight year of profitability and a growing, amazing, customer community.

2. We are learning to celebrate success. It is very British, and even more, Welsh, to be humble about our achievements. When customers say

“Hey man you guys rock.”

our response is typically to drop our heads slightly, go a little bit red in the cheeks and mumble

“Yeah we’re alright”. No longer! Yay us!.

Check out this post to find out how things are changing in that respect at Object Matrix: Learning to Celebrate Success & Blow Your Own Trumpet!

Learning to Celebrate Success & Blow Your Own Trumpet!

3. We signed two distribution deals in the USA (Cinesys Oceana) and Europe (Sony) and have begun working with new customers in a load of new territories. From Denmark and Japan to Chile and Italy we are helping more organisations modernise in order that they can quickly access legacy content to generate new revenue streams. To do that they are turning to companies like Object Matrix who specialise in video workflows and not faceless generalist IT behemoths that don’t give a monkey: Specialist Suppliers vs Faceless Generalists

Specialist Suppliers vs Faceless Generalists

4. Our DCG (Digital Content Governance) messaging is being listened to, digested and understood. Since 2003 we have been stating content belongs on object storage if you need frequent access to it. Once again we were super early to the market but now the tide is turning. Find out why here: Three reasons media organisations are moving content from LTO to private clouds

Three reasons media organisations are moving content from LTO to private clouds

5. We closed two fantastically globally recognised news organisations, one of which took over 8 years to close. Starting a company is exciting, making it work through the dark times is tough, coming through the other side makes you fiercely proud. Find out what happened during those 8 long years from lead start to lead end here: Perseverance and Two great bits of News

Perseverance and Two great bits of News

6. We are building a fantastic team. 2018 will be our 15th year and it, for me, is the most exciting. We are building a very talented, passionate and dedicated team that is pushing the boundaries of developing, supporting, marketing and selling the world’s most advanced media focused private cloud platforms. So many exciting things coming next year both technically and commercially. We just cannot wait. Sorry .. #beingABitOleg there again!

In a world of bad news, terrible news and even worse news the question has to be asked whether we should #BeMoreOleg, who, I am sure, is simply trying to bring joy to the good people of Linkedin with his many many ‘inspirational stories’, or #BeMoreBendigedig by sharing fantastically genuine news.

Have an amazing holiday period and a fantastic New Year.

P.S.: If you got this far then check out our Christmas Faceplate Video:

Christmas Faceplate Video

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Object Matrix provides digital content governance and object storage platforms. The company was built on the philosophy that archive systems should be scalable and interoperable, as well as ensuring instant access to data and metadata. Its flagship product, MatrixStore, is an integrated object storage software solution providing protection and governance for the lifetime of any digital content. It’s used by global organisations that create, curate, and distribute video content, including NBC Universal, TV Globo, the BBC and BT.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.