Backing up your brain with Object storage

Backing up your brain with Object storage

During most creative broadcast workflows there is a brain like entity controlling what goes where and when. Be that a MAM, DAM or PAM it holds the keys to all the secrets and, more importantly, the paths to all the content. Having more than one application or brain controlling the lifecycle of the content does not tend to work well.

Backing up your brain with Object storage

Your brain like entity does need to be looked after of course which often means regular database backups. But the problem with these setups is that the brain holding all the metadata is extremely loosely coupled with the content itself and they both have different levels of protection. Lose the brain, lose your content.

Backing up your brain with Object storage

Most organisations don’t have 2nd instances of the brain in a DR or business continuity site due to cost and complexity which means the content is protected but it would take quite some time, if it’s possible at all, to restore and use that content in the event of a local outage.

This is where using a media focused Object Storage platform as nearline, DR or archive storage can help.

Object storage is as much about the metadata as it is about digital preservation and scale. If your brain uses object storage APIs to protect the metadata with the content then you are on the road to future proof access to your content. If that object storage provides independent tools to search, share and restore content then your data is safe and a large portion of the brain also.

What happens if the brain does not use APIs but just archives the finished format using standard protocols like SMB, NFS or even S3? Typically, using generalist object storage, all that may be retained is the date, file name and extension for you to search on. With a media focused object storage platform like MatrixStore from Object Matrix that archived content can be processed, in place, to extract embedded metadata*, to index that metadata and make it searchable with any application using the MatrixStore API.

Backing up your brain with Object storage

The great thing is that Object Matrix will also export that metadata as a sidecar file when moving content to public cloud (not strong on metadata handling) to ensure it will always exist with the content.

The benefit of keeping the objects (content and metadata) on-prem is that you have instant access to your entire archive at high speeds and predictable costs.

If you need to implement a future proof private or hybrid cloud storage platform and want to ensure you can always access the content you created and own then get in touch.

*MatrixStore processes IMF, Adobe XMP, MediaInfo, EXIF, AS11 and AS10 formats.

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is the award winning software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of media archives. Our on-prem and hybrid cloud storage solutions bring operational and financial benefits to our customers by securely managing content at every stage of its lifecycle; from ingest and nearline to archive and distribution. Deployed where you need it, our technology is non-proprietary, integrates into existing workflows, enabling you to work locally and share globally.

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