• Do you have Avid MediaCentral PAM or MAM and need to modernise your archive?

  • Do you need to implement true disaster recovery and business continuity for your Avid production teams to self-serve access to content in the event of a local outage? 

  • Are you looking to move away from LTO to private, hybrid or public cloud storage? 

  • Do you need a secure, scalable nearline storage platform for your Avid Nexis production workflows?

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Object Matrix has been integrated into Avid production and broadcast workflows since 2009. As requested by its customer community, Object Matrix integrated MatrixStore the private cloud object storage platform with previously known Avid Interplay PAM, to ensure content and metadata could be protected onto a secure, fast and scalable archive platform. This tight integration ensured archive content would be available, from anywhere, should any local outages occur or should the video assets be required outside of Avid workflows.

Since then, global broadcasters and post-production facilities (Virgin Media, Globo, MediaPro, BBC Wales, ITN, France Televisions, NBC etc) have implemented MatrixStore, the award-winning private cloud storage solution, to protect content in Avid ingest, nearline,archive, disaster recovery and business continuity workflows.


  • Finding, sharing and using content will be easier whilst bringing operational efficiencies and savings
  • Your creative and production teams can access nearline and archive content from anywhere at anytime
  • Productions will not come to a halt should local outages occur or access to buildings is not possible
  • Access to the content and metadata you own is future proof and not tied to one workflow
  • Do more with the content you own by making it available to multiple teams or workflows
  • Your staff can work on tasks that bring value to the business and not spend time managing media or servicing requests for content

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