Object Matrix case study Gorilla with Rich Moss, Managing Director

Object Matrix case study Gorilla with Rhodri James, Technical Director

1. Tell us a little bit about Gorilla

Gorilla Group is the largest Television facilities company in Wales, with offices all over Cardiff and also in London. We have a range of facilities. From Studios to Satellite Vehicles and we also specialise in Post Production.

2. What problems were you facing that set out to solve?

With production moving to file based acquisition we were not just looking for storage, but something that understood what it was storing, something that was secure and something we could integrate easily within our infrastructure and workflows.

3. How long have you had your MatrixStore and how is it used?

We had our MatrixStore for just over three years, being geographically close to Object Matrix, we had the opportunity to beta test the system. We now have three 60 terabyte systems at our different facilities.

4. Has it worked as expected, better than expected or not as expected?

The system stores ours and our clients most important assets, and works 24/7, 365. It has exceeded our expectations.

5. How do you rate MatrixStore for protecting your data?

99.999% the 5 nines. We’ve never lost any data (touch wood!)

6. How much time do you spend Managing MatrixStore?

The MatrixStore manages itself, we just manage the data on and off the system.

7. How do you rate Object Matrix as an organisation to deal with?

As a relatively newbie to the Broadcast industry, they have stormed the sector, with their enthusiasm and reactivity to their clients.

8. How do you plan to use MatrixStore in the future?

We plan to expand our systems and move our infrastructure to 10G. We also plan to use systems for cross site DR.

9. Comment on overall experience working with Object Matrix:

Pleasure to work with. I sleep at night knowing I don’t need to worry about my data.

10. Who is the Object Matrix Stig?

Mark Andrews?

Programs made using MatrixStore

Stella for Sky, Arctic with Bruce Parry, Doctor Who 50th anniversary series, Stella, Whites, Snowdonia 1890, Zoo Factor, Grandpa in my Pocket, Anna’s Welsh Zoo, Iolo in America, Hidden Histories, The Royal Mint, Dathlu, Swalec and various other promos, Eiger, Ballet School, Cefn Gwlad, The One Show items, Cor Cymru, Perthyn, Meerkats, Nol I Fethlehem, Dudley, Ffermio, Digwyddiadau, Time Team Boudicca, Time Team Terror Weapon of the Somme, Time Team War of the Roses, Nissan 3D, Tony Hawks 3D, Coming Home, Nodyn, Gt academy, That Paralympic Show Gofod, Bandit, Roxy Jam, Tony Hawk Tour, Cyw, Stwnsh, 100 Lle, Tre Lle, Dr Dr, Only Men Aloud, Sony B Boy, Freesports on 4, Royal Welsh Show, 4 Sports, 123, Epic Disney, Find Me a Tenor, Ironclad Behind the Scenes, Nadolig Bryn Terfel, O Gymru Fach, Salon, Rygbi a Mwy, Track and Field and Urdd