Our new infrastructure and workflow required seamless integration with Avid Interplay

1. Tell us a little bit about M6

M6 Group is a French multimedia organisation offering a wide range of programs and products. It is built from the eponymous premium TV channel founded in 1987.

2. What problems were you facing that set out to solve?

We were in the process of re-designing the post production workflows and infrastructure. For this particular project, we researched storage solutions that integrated seamlessly into the Avid Interplay environment with a secondary goal of reducing the cost of storage throughout.

3. How long have you had your MatrixStore and how is it used?

The MatrixStore was installed in August last year with the objective to use is as a “parking lot” for pending projects.

4. Has it worked as expected, better than expected or not as expected?

Yes it has met our expectations, not better 😉 but works perfectly well.

5. How do you rate MatrixStore for protecting your data?

Can I wait until we have an issue to comment?

6. How much time do you spend Managing MatrixStore?

We do not spend any time administrating the MatrixStore infrastructure.

7. How do you rate Object Matrix as an organisation to deal with?

9/10. Perfection is not of this world.

8. How do you plan to use MatrixStore in the future?

We plan to use the MatrixStore as a high security vault protecting very sensitive projects moved from our Avid ISIS platforms.

9. Comment on overall experience working with Object Matrix:

A very good experience! We have found a very professional team who have great knowledge of storage challenges in the Avid ecosystem.

10. Programs made using MatrixStore

We store a selection of all the content that is distributed throughout our various channels and platforms.