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Search, Access, and Share all Your Production and Archive Content with Ease.

Vision is a web-based media and metadata management application that puts content in the hands of creative professionals where and when they need it.

There is a big gap between talent and the content they need to access. Many organisations rely on dated technology (e.g., LTO), non-automated workflows and fragmented working practices. Creative professionals cannot wait for a tape to be loaded or a drive to be posted, they need to be able to self-serve access to content without waiting on another person or process. They need to quickly and easily find, view, sub-clip, and share media assets from anywhere and at any time. Vision from Object Matrix enables just that.

If you can’t find it, you do not have it.

Vision has the functionality to tag assets at ingest and during the lifetime of the asset. The automated metadata extraction, and indexing (MediaInfo, EXIF, XMP, AS10, AS11, and IMF metadata ), provided by MatrixStore object storage, ensures the talent will always find what they are searching for. Vision can also give future proof access to your content even if the main production MAM, PAM, or DAM is down or not available.

Object Matrix Vision is not a database nor a MAM. Vision is a light, powerful, and secure web-based media and metadata management application. Firmly integrated with MatrixStore object storage, this brings together the power of automated metadata extraction, advanced search options, and the tightness of access controls, ensuring freelance or permanent employees can find the content they are authorised to access.

Vision can be customised with your company brand, ensuring your customers and employees trust and engage with the product, process, and workflow.

A powerful archive browser that searches and displays metadata that users have added, as well as metadata extracted from the assets themselves

Provides secure access to content from internal or external teams through a fully customisable interface/skin

Ensures future-proof access to your content regardless of the application that archived it

Handy for disaster recovery and business continuity workflows

Generate shareable links or email links directly from the browser with personalised messages

API integrated with transcoders for partial file restore or sub-clipping

API integrated with file accelerators for the fastest transfers available

Powerful and enhanced search tools

Copy or move assets between vaults or folders to trigger other watch workflows

Trigger the Move2s3 HSM from Vision to pull and push assets to other s3 compatible storages

Increase productivity by enabling creative teams and customers to self-serve content from anywhere

Secure and audited access ensures your content will be protected and only accessed by those with permission to do so

Provides future proof access to your content even if the applications used to archive the content are not available

Simplicity defined, delivering fantastic ROI compared to full-blown MAMs, DAMs, and PAMS

Operational teams are more efficient and therefore freed up to work on tasks that add value to your business

Enables you to securely and efficiently find your media assets and sub-clip the section you need with partial file restore

Metadata forms and extraction ensures your content can be found at any time

Add, view, search and edit time-based metadata (video logging)

Shareable expiring links ensure people outside the organisation can view content when you need them to

Give you control over your on-prem and cloud media archives

Stand out from the competition with your own branded Vision portal providing your customers with a professional and powerful interface to access content on-demand

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