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Making Sense of Your Media

Sense is the powerful analytics dashboard from Object Matrix that helps you make sense of your media asset usage and maximises the value of your media library.

With the increasing range of options of where to keep your media, be it on-prem, in the cloud, or even on legacy offline storage, comes the increasing opportunity to re-use media assets and to monetise the value held within them. The need to monitor “what is going on where” with your data is more essential today than ever – your data can be processed on-prem, off-prem, by you, by your partners, by asset managers, by editors, by AI tools… the list goes on and is growing, but the challenge to keep control of resources and costs is now.

A Clean Dashboard to Make Sense of it All

The basic 101 of monitoring is: “do I have any faults”, “is my infrastructure online?” or “am I about to run out of storage space?”, but there is now a much deeper need to analyse: “are my assets on the right storage tier (cost analysis)?”, “what libraries are being best monetised, and importantly, which assets are not currently being used at all?”. Ultimately, questions such as “how much did this production cost to make?” can be aided by the correct tools.

The Sense framework provides plugins for Object Matrix solutions (from MatrixStore to the various client tools). Alternatively, these plugins can be used to feed monitoring information to other monitor tools, if desired. The Sense framework (v1) will also feed statistics information to the Sense dashboard. V2+ will introduce analytics of that information along with monitoring, statistics, and analysis from other media workflow locations and tools.

The Sense dashboard is incredibly configurable allowing users to select which information they are interested in. The presentation can be made clear and concise for quick key information or detailed and deep for the more analytically minded.


Operational efficiency through clear storage oversight

Cost savings by keeping data on the most cost-effective tier

Know when your system(s) need attention before everything turns red!

Analyse your media asset usage so you can better monetise your libraries

Better plan where your resources are needed during new productions

Better collaboration; share data across teams

Unify operations within this dashboard or feed them into your chosen dashboard

Want to Find Out More?

Why not check out our Sense datasheet? We delve into all the product highlights and even more benefits, but if you still feel like you need more information or want to book a demo, simply get in touch!