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An Automated Data Mover and HSM Application for Object Storage, LTO, and Cloud.

Move2 enables hybrid cloud workflows by providing Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) and data moving functionality that puts your content where your organisation needs it to be.
Backup and Deep Archive to LTO & S3

Organisations are embracing hybrid working and therefore need to increase productivity and operational efficiencies when it comes to backing up and archiving their valuable content in hybrid, multi-cloud, or tiered storage environments. With more archives being placed in cloud storage platforms they also need a cost-efficient means of browsing their content rather than downloading vast amounts of data and incurring the associated costs of doing that.

move2 is an HSM and data moving application that enables organisations to move or copy data and metadata between MatrixStore object storage and other storage technologies such as MatrixStore Cloud, public cloud, LTO, or 3rd party storage platforms integrated with the Amazon S3 interface.

move2 watches selected MatrixStore vaults and, based on policies, ages out content to deep archive platforms using either middleware software such as XenData or directly to 3rd party platforms through the AWS S3 API.

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Guaranteed Data Authenticity

Using the Matrix Store APIs ensures the data stored is guaranteed to be authentic


Choose to leave content in the Matrix Store vault that has been deleted from the folder being watched


The windows operating system is the supported platform in version 1.0 of move2

Management Console

This lets you specify vaults to watch, monitor jobs in progress & view historical jobs


Use DropSpot or 3rd party applications to search for and browse files that have been stored using move2

File System Support

Optionally open the content directly using MatrixStore file system application MXFS


Archives your content using industry-standard archive formats (LTFS or TAR)


Ensures metadata stays with the asset either through API or as additional sidecar files


Runs on MatrixStore Hub for S3 internet-facing interfaces ensuring the safest deployment of the service

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