And the Winner is……

At BVE2102 we launched the MatrixStoreMini Photo competition. The rules were simple, get yourself pictured in OM attire and send it in. We received lots and lots of entries, all the clean entries can be found here:


After much deliberation, Roger Fawcett, chairman of Object Matrix, has chosen his top 3 photos:

  • First place and the winner of the brand new v2.0 MatrixStore Mini (cluster providing 18TB of capacity) is………….. Jess Speechley, a digital workflow consultant based in London. Congrats Jess!!

  • Second place goes to Munir from MTA (@MTA_muslimtv)


  • Third place to Angie Taylor (@theangietaylor), super talented animator, compositor, motion graphic artist, trainer and demonstrator!

We are also giving away some prized Welsh Ale to:

  • Best Photoshopp’d image: Clearly Mr Peter Wiggins for this amazing (artistic/rudey/you’ve been warned) effort. Robbed!!
  • Best Customer Effort : Vaughn Smith in Afghanistan. Amazing.
  • Best Reseller effort: Tie between Graham (@podrush) from root6 and Neil (@nmruk)
  • Best Friends of OM effort: our buddy Nuno. Who comes from Portugal if you did not know 😉

The View from OM

We are humbled that so many people took the time and effort to contribute so many amazing pictures so thank you very very much. In the office we have our own favourites:-

  • Nick (@om_nick): 1. Peter Wiggins 2. Vaughan Smith 3. Myriam in Japan
  • Jon (@Object_Matrix): 1. Vaughan 2. Munir MTA 3. Neal root6
  • Mark (@auberydude): 1. Vaughan 2. Peter Wiggins 3. Munir MTA
  • Gavin (@gavinemery1): 1. Myriam in Japan 2. Bryan and Ciara 3. Nunos Race Day
  • Anabella (@AnabellaLosada): 1. Vaughan Smith, Munir MTA, Peter Wiggins
  • Daniel: 1. Peter Wiggins 2. Vaughan Smith 3. Graham root6