A Triumphant WIG Cardiff!

Object Matrix Workflow Innovation Group 2017

Yesterdays WIG (Workflow Innovation Group) event in Cardiff was a triumph on many levels. 44 people, from 6 different countries, descended on Cardiff with not much of an idea of what the day might bring in terms of format, outputs, and connections.

With a range of broadcast, VoD and post attendees, from Sky, BT, BBC, S4C to Gorilla, All3Media and UKTV, the discussions were open, honest and incredibly informative.

WIG was setup with the aim of being informal and informative. I think we achieved that goal.

We will, of course, be producing some content from the discussions in the coming weeks but, in short, the things I took away were:

  1. Throw whatever tech you like at content security but it comes down to people, trust, and training every time.
  2. There is a real lack of available technical talent at vendor and content creator level. When Amazon has hundreds of open vacancies in the centre of London and wages seem to be no barrier to them it is difficult to train and retain.
  3. Old shows are gaining new audiences making it even more important for broadcasters to digitise and exploit their legacy content (Need to be one a good Digital Content Governance object storage platform for that!). UKTV seem to be smashing it in this area.
  4. The industry, as you can see from the image, is super friendly but also very white and male. The government and the industry need to work a lot harder on diversity and gender balance in the tech sector.
  5. AI can be a lot more useful and practical despite the current uber levels of hype. Some very useful applications were discussed that could help at post, broadcast and VoD levels
  6. Cardiff shone out. Many attendees have not visited our city nor the stadium and I think it is fair to say they were pleasantly surprised by the experience. If you need a venue for an event then give the Principality Stadium a go .. and get the tour!
  7. WIG is unique and has its place. The feedback from the group was incredibly positive. The fact that every single attendee stayed till the very end and only used their phones during break speaks volumes. I called it a therapy session beforehand and to some, it was just that. WIG provided an open environment where people felt comfortable to discuss what they are good at and also the things where they have some room for improvement. The challenge for the event is to keep it at the same size, with the same feel and results. We will try our best.

A huge thank you to Steve Sharman for guiding us through the day, to Radical Moves PR for helping to organise, to all the sponsors for funding the event and to all the guests.

WIG will be back and spaces are already in demand but where will it be? Comments Welcome!

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