New MAM ‘bundle’ to offer risk-free, customizable and open alternative to expensive asset management systems

BVE, Earls Court, London, February 15th 2011

Object Matrix has teamed-up with Vidispine and Cantemo to create an open and incremental media asset management (MAM) solution for post-production facilities that want to easily and quickly utilise the benefits of asset management but can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of pounds up-front.

The MAM ‘bundle’ consists of three proven technologies: Cantemo’s Portal user interface, Object Matrix’s MatrixStore intelligent disk-based archive system and Vidispine’s media asset management backbone.

When combined the components operate as an off-the-shelf MAM system that can be used with either its basic free-of-charge ‘starter pack’ asset management features or, if desired, customized and incrementally scaled to the specific needs of its users.

Object Matrix marketing and strategic alliances director and co-founder Nick Pearce says:

“Post houses are dealing with more and more data these days and they need to be able to track where things are in an automated and regulated fashion. Unfortunately, the traditional big bang MAM approach is quite daunting as it requires huge risks in the form of up-front investment and significant changes to the way people work. So, as an alternative, we’re offering a commodity solution that doesn’t cost the earth, works right out of the box and can be customized over time.”

Erik Ahlin, chief executive of Vidispine, says:

“The media asset management and archiving challenge is less about technology and more about robustness, workflows, maintainability and intuitive applications. Having spent a decade learning the fundamentals it is now time to realize that MAM is not rocket science any more. This bundle goes some way to doing just that.”

Cantemo co-founder Parham Azimi says:

“We’ve been in this business for many years and seen the investments needed for traditional MAM systems. With this approach we want to show that it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to deploy a solid solution out-of-the-box, expand and adapt it based on specific needs.”


The free ‘starter pack’ solution will offer basic workflows and functionality for a limited number of users. It will be made available free-of-charge for both existing and new MatrixStore customers.

To customize and upgrade the system, users will be offered an ‘A la Carte’ menu that includes the option to add more users and/or improved functionality.

The MAM bundle will benefit from Cantemo’s plug-in based architecture which allows for new tools to be developed and added.

Vidispine’s open MAM backbone will allow the MAM bundle to work with current legacy asset management environments including both SAN and tape-based systems.


About Vidispine

Vidispine is an enterprise grade Media Asset Management backbone. The capabilities are exposed by well documented and robust RESTful APIs which work with any modern programming language. Vidispine not only lets Software Developers and Service Providers easily build new innovative rich media solutions but also scales from small archives to multi-site deployments and is agnostic in regards to operating system, storage, media formats, application servers, databases and IT infrastructure.

About Cantemo

Cantemo provides flexible software and services for content management. The Stockholm-based company specialises in user interfaces (UIs) that control other software and back-office systems from a single portal. Cantemo’s plug-in based infrastructure allows for custom configuration including the re-skinning of UIs for users on an individual, work group or division specific basis.