5 Unpredictable Things

We live in uncertain times and that spans across social, economic and technical times.

Cold Invoice Shower - Sports

1. The news

It’s a weird and wonderful world out there with people doing all sorts of crazy stuff we could not foresee. In our celebrity and fame focused world a request to get hold of every image of Freddy Mercury can happen at any time.

Cold Invoice Shower - Sports

2. Sports

This should be predictable right? Well typically it is safe to put your money on the All Blacks to win but then as the recent 6 nations rugby tournament showed us anything can happen. Scotland on the end of an absolute hiding making the most amazing comeback to draw and retain the Calcutta cup against England. No-one saw that coming. Especially the many Scots friends of mine who turned the TV off at half time!

Cold Invoice Shower - Politics from 2014 to present

3. Politics from 2014 to present

There is no need to comment here. Suffice to say the world has gone mad and very strange people across the political spectrum rule our lives. But for sure predicting the events of the last 5 years was not possible. Apart from the creator of the Simpsons that is!

Cold Invoice Shower - British Weather

4. British weather

Hah, for an average summer day in Wales we carry swimming trunks, an umbrella, thermal blankets, a flask of hot tea, hats, gloves and a packamac just in case.

Cold Invoice Shower - Cloud Storage bills

5. Cloud Storage bills

Cloud storage bills are much like the weather in the UK. You predict a long spell of smooth and sunny operational costs then all of a sudden you are getting a cold invoice shower out of nowhere as something happened in the world of news, sports or politics!

Get in Touch for a More Predictable Future!

The only predictable thing about all the above is that at some point you might be shocked, amused or frustrated by them all!

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