Last Friday night, in Cardiff, Object Matrix was told by the Fast Growth 50 that from 2010-2012 we were the 2nd fastest growing company in Cardiff and the 9th fastest growing company in Wales. The ranking is based upon sales growth 2010-2012. There are 200,000 companies in Wales.

Also, on the list we were the:

  • no. 1 fastest growing software company
  • no.1 where the company was based upon a product
  • no.1 where the company is geared primarily for export

We are very proud of those achievements!

First of all, this was a team effort: there has been some tremendous effort from the team to achieve that kind of growth, much unpaid overtime and a real willingness to make sure that customer experiences have been as good as possible. Thank you to each and every staff member at Object Matrix, as well as to the board and to the long suffering partners/wives of the employees who have had to put up with a few too many hours at the office by everyone!

A big thank you also to our customers who have allowed us to grow as a UK business, especially those early customers who took a chance on us when, at the time, we were somewhat unproven. Every customer is very precious to us and we hope that reflects in our support and willingness to work with them on new features.

Also a big thank you to the people who have been involved in Object Matrix, investors, previous employees, and other people who have generally given us sage advice or talked about us to customers… without those people we would have never taken off from ground zero. It is a good day.

Another View from OM

It is worth reflecting on the award and what it really means.

It is based on percentage growth – we are not – unfortunately! – the 2nd largest company in Cardiff / Wales.

However, looking through the top 50:

  • Object Matrix is the only software company in the top 50 except for 2 that do “software support” and 1 that does bespoke projects rather than being based on a product of their own.
  • Only Chromogenix (Advcanced light and laser systems for skin treatments, 34th) and Be my Bear (bespoke made teddy bears, 33rd) seem to have products made for export markets. Perhaps this is symbolic of the UK economy that seems to be increasingly based around a service economy.
  • Quite a few of the other companies provide services that might be sold worldwide.

Why aren’t there more fast growing software companies in Wales? Where is the manufacturing community in general? If the UK or Welsh government is serious about supporting manufacturers, will they support us further now? (They have some very good export programs, but total support is <£40k per annum which ultimately only goes so far). Is it their job to support us?

For the full list of winners please check: