20 Things to do with an Old MatrixStore Faceplate

Here at Object Matrix, we are working on a fun project where we are looking for 20 things that we can do to reuse old MatrixStore faceplates. This means that instead of recycling them, we prefer to do something more interesting! Despite all the fun, the purpose of doing these videos is to gain knowledge and experience around video workflows with our partners and also when using our own tools. #EditedOnMatrixStore

Over the next 20 weeks, we will post videos of what you can do with these old faceplates and we would love you to be involved. The first idea came from our customer Jess and here is:

No. 1 Cheese Grater

No. 2 Worlds Worst Transformer

No. 3 Worlds Worst Shaving Mirror

No. 4 Worlds Best Christmas Tree

No. 5 Ten Pin Bowling

No. 6 Skis

No. 7 Festive Tray

No. 8 Tea Strainer

No. 9 Bread Tin

No. 10 Korean BBQ

No. 11 Joust

No. 12 Bara Brith

No. 13 Gold Panning

No. 14 Pasta Strainer

Please, send your suggestions to @Object_Matrix.