10 Years of Object Matrix Post by StorageMojo

Last week Robin Harris of www.storagemojo.com (@storagemojo) fame wrote an excellent piece on how Object Matrix has managed to survive and thrive despite running a storage company out of Wales! It is a very nice article that encapsulates some of the actions we took in order to be able to compete and win against some of the worlds largest organisations. Jon will post a longer piece here on this blog in the coming weeks but in the mean time take a read and enjoy!

10 years after – lessons from a small & profitable storage vendor


If I were starting a storage company there are several things I’d do:

  • Start up in an area where there was lots of storage engineering and marketing expertise.
  • Get substantial financing once I had my first customers.
  • Be aggressive about marketing the company.

But my friends at Object Matrix did the opposite of all these things and, partly as a result, are now celebrating their 10th anniversary as an independent storage company.

Independence Day

You probably haven’t heard about Object Matrix – unless you are a regular reader of StorageMojo. But they were one of the very first companies to adopt object storage for video archiving…….

The view from OM

We are naturally thrilled to read an article that goes some way to vindicating the route to our achievements so far. We are far from being the finished article and success is measured with a wobbly ruler sometimes but as a very good friend of ours said to us recently, “Something no one can take away ….. the experience and knowing what you have achieved”.