10 Reasons why People Work with Object Matrix

10 Reasons why People Work with Object Matrix

Just 10 of the reasons why organisations, large and small, trust Object Matrix in their media workflows:

1. Migrate from LTO to Hybrid Cloud Storage

They need to replace LTO in order to benefit from the power of tightly integrated on-prem media workflows (scalable nearline, archive etc) and global collaboration or take advantage of data services using public cloud platforms.

They want their staff to work on higher level functions using a media focused hybrid storage platform that integrates into the way they work with the technologies and applications they currently use: Adobe, Arvato, Aspera, Avid (Interplay), Cantemo, Glookast, Sony (ODA), Telestream, Vidispine to name a few.

As they move away from legacy LTO platforms they need a software-defined solution that ensures access to their content now and far into the future. Because the storage is software-defined, the latest hardware can always be added to the storage pool and because metadata is kept available wherever the assets are moved to (e.g., on to public cloud) they are never locked into a proprietary system.

They also need their storage platforms to provide extra business benefits, from metadata and business rules management to unique data analysis (Process in Place) capabilities.

They need to implement a storage platform and workflows from a company dedicated to the creative industry that meets the needs of all stakeholders in their business from the editor to the CTO, CFO and CEO.

They are implementing a disaster recovery and business continuity platform to ensure their valuable assets are available on demand even if the lights go out at their main facility.

6. Objects to Files

As customers need fast, direct and secure file system access to their 4K and 8K content, sitting in their object storage platform, we provide the MXFS (MatrixStore File System) application. MXFS presents potentially petabytes of content as a drive letter on Windows or a Volume on Linux and Mac putting the power in the editors hands. What’s more? It’s free.

7. Find, Share, Secure & Audit

It is as important to protect, curate and nurture metadata as it is to protect the essence of the content itself! Our customers want to be able to find their content in 5 years time even if the MAM that archived it is not available. We built Vision to give them a view on their content and they just love it.

They also need to protect content from accidental or malicious deletion and analyse full audits of all access to content throughout its lifetime on a secure object storage platform. No other platform provides such security features.

8. Flexible & Agile Approach

They need a plugin written for a workflow we do not support. They need functionality added to one of our existing products. They need to use a mix of CAPEX and OPEX to implement their strategic vision. They asked us and we made it happen. What’s good for one is often great for another.

9. World Class Support

We write software and “bugs happen”. If, and when, that happens every member of staff at Object Matrix will get involved to ensure a timely resolution and customer satisfaction.

Our expert support teams are based in-house providing skilled and dedicated help when needed.

10. Customers replacing LTO to gain fast access to their entire archive

Like BT, Orange, ITN and MTA you want to migrate from LTO to access to your entire archive so you can re-use, re-purpose and share it in seconds not hours, days and weeks.

Find out how Object Matrix can help you and your organisation to resolve your storage challenges.
Please, download our 10 Reasons why People Work with Object Matrix Datasheet to find out more:

10 Reasons Datasheet

About Object Matrix

Object Matrix is an award winning UK based software company that pioneered object storage and the modernisation of digital video archives. Our media focused private and hybrid cloud platform ‘MatrixStore’ helps our customers to protect content at every stage of its lifecycle, from ingest and nearline to archive and distribution. Deployed on premise, in a co-lo or as a managed service, Matrixstore is non proprietary, integrated into existing workflows and provides intuitive applications to enable simple and fast access to your media content.

People trust Object Matrix as we are flexible and only focus on the media industry. Our domain expertise, solutions and world class support are tailored to meeting the growing demands faced by organisations creating and sharing media content. Customers include: NBC Universal, HBO, MSG-N, the BBC & BT.