helps you to

  • Monetise your archive (currently sat on LTO)
  • Be competitive & differentiate from your competitors
  • Bring operational efficiency by automating integrated workflows
  • Rapidly embrace new technologies, like AI
Media Focus Private Cloud



  • Instant, secure and audited, access to ALL your digital content (on or off premises)
  • Global collaboration through intuitive interfaces
  • Consolidation of storage and workflows
  • A future proof platform with a low TCO and a high TEB (Total Economic Benefit)

What Our Customers Say

Gorilla Group TV Interview

Rich Moss, Gorilla Group TV

OCS Case Study Interview

OCS Case Study

1. We enable “Work Local. Share Global.”

2. Integrated, Automated and Non-Disruptive

3. Future Proof and Intelligent

4. All Stakeholders

5. Surviving Local Outages

6. Objects to Files

7. Find, Share, Secure & Audit

8. Flexible & Agile Approach

9. World Class Support

10. Customers need fast access to their entire archive

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About Us

Object Matrix Business Wales Export Campaign



Exporting is everything to Object Matrix and the Welsh Government has really helped us to reach global markets with their export support initiatives.

Our ‘top tips’ for exporting include:

  • Pick the right territory for you, your product or services

  • Find and support a great local partner

  • Visit the territory you want to do business in as much as possible

  • Pay respect to that territory by learning a bit about its culture, history and language

The simple fact is that trust is not built over social networks, it is built by building personal relationships with regular face to face time. After all, people work with and buy from people!