helps you to

  • Monetise your archive by replacing ,or augmenting, legacy LTO platforms
  • Bring operational efficiency by automating integrated workflows

  • Be competitive & differentiate from your competitors

  • Rapidly embrace new technologies, like AI

Media Focus Private Cloud



  • Instant, secure and audited, access to ALL your digital content (on or off premises)
  • Global collaboration through intuitive interfaces
  • Consolidation of storage and workflows
  • A future proof platform with a low TCO and a high TEB (Total Economic Benefit)

What Our Customers Say

Object Matrix & Gorilla Post Production Video

Object Matrix & Gorilla Post Production Video

OCS Case Study Interview

OCS Case Study

1. Migrate from LTO to Hybrid Cloud Storage

2. Integrated, Automated and Non-Disruptive

3. Future Proof and Intelligent

4. Dedicated Support & All Stakeholders

5. Surviving Local Outages

6. Objects to Files

7. Find, Share, Secure & Audit

8. Flexible & Agile Approach

9. World Class Support

10. Customers replacing LTO to gain fast access to their entire archive

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