helps you to

  • Empower creativity by replacing or augmenting LTO platforms

  • Bring operational efficiency by automating integrated workflows

  • Be competitive & differentiate from your competitors

  • Enable creative teams to self-serve content from the archive, from anywhere

Media Focus Private Cloud



  • Instant, secure and audited, access to ALL your digital content (on or off premises)

  • Global and remote collaboration through intuitive interfaces

  • Consolidation of storage and workflows

  • A future proof platform with a low TCO and a high TEB (Total Economic Benefit)

What Our Customers Say

Object Matrix & Gorilla Post Production Video

Object Matrix & Gorilla Post Production Video

OCS Case Study Interview

OCS Case Study

1. Migrate from LTO to Hybrid Cloud Storage

2. Integrated, Automated and Non-Disruptive

3. Future Proof and Intelligent

4. Dedicated Support & All Stakeholders

5. Surviving Local Outages

6. Objects to Files

7. Find, Share, Secure & Audit

8. Flexible & Agile Approach

9. World Class Support

10. Customers replacing LTO to gain fast access to their entire archive

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Gorilla Testimonial | Object Matrix

“Hand on heart, I know we don’t have to worry about it. If Netflix is in town with content worth millions of dollars per episode, then they know their stuff is not on just some commodity storage, but that we have support and auditability. The main thing is I know we are able to monetise the cost of storage, that I can sell it as safe, split-site storage and with other products such as the Vision service.”

Rhodri James, Technical Director, Gorilla
Orange OPTV Testimonial | Object Matrix

“We now have a large range of options and flexibility to efficiently handle up to 2000 new programmes every year, thanks to the integration and control possibilities using Portal and MatrixStore APIs. We can easily edit files within Portal, add additional metadata and interrogate metadata using the MatrixStore APIs. We are now equipped to support rapid international growth of content consumption.”

Eris Grapinet, Technical Director, OPTV
MSG Networks Inc Testimonial | Object Matrix

“Ensuring business continuity is of utmost importance to the business, but any implementation of new technology must tie in with our existing infrastructure and be transparent to our file based workflows. Object Matrix has provided MSG Networks with an automated and integrated solution that meets our current requirements and can scale to meet future demands on capacity and workflow.”

Belinda Binkley, VP Engineering, MSG Networks Inc.