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The Company

Established in 2003, Object Matrix is a software company based in Cardiff (Wales, UK). Its acclaimed product MatrixStore has been used in production since 2006 by broadcast, post production, utilities, banking and creative agency customers.

Object Matrix is comprised of a team of storage industry experts with a shared vision for high levels of data security combined with intuitive user interfaces. In addition to providing solutions and product integrations for the storage, search and retrieval of media assets, Object Matrix also provides consultancy, training, systems integration, and ongoing support services.

Our Markets

We are primarily working with creative organisations and professionals (broadcasters, advertising agencies, publishing etc) helping them to protect their digital assets and make them available on-demand. ”The MatrixStore’ solution is also relevant for any organisation that needs to protect their digital information in a way that both highly secure and cost effective.

Our Customers

A selection of our customers: