File System Access

File System Access

Many workflow tools require file system access to read or write data.

The Object Matrix solutions MXFS,  FTPConnect and SMB provide that file system access.

  • MXFS is a client application that represents a MatrixStore vault as a drive letter on Windows clients or a local volume on Mac on Linux.
  • MXFS can run on one, or many client machines with each instance providing access to a MatrixStore Vault. MXFS allows you to immediately drop
  • MatrixStore into your existing workflow with most existing tool-sets, to add performance, availability and security for your data
  • The Object Matrix SMB Interface that enables applications to use MatrixStore as a standard network share for read and write operations (not edition)
  • FTPConnect is an FTP service that can be configured to provide access to content in MatrixStore vaults using the FTP protocol
File System Access

Key features

  • Takes advantage of the MatrixStore API to provide secure, verified delivery of data from the client to the MatrixStore
  • MXFS allows users to filesystem mount a MatrixStore vault, much like a workspace in Avid
  • Allows applications to write, read, update and delete data (where permissions are given)
  • Integrates with other MatrixStore tools allowing data ingested and tagged into MatrixStore with DropSpot to be read, via MXFS, SMB or the FTP interfaces
  • Provides access to MatrixStore from Mac, Windows, Linux
  • SMB share access provides instant access from the majority of 3rd party applications
  • MXFS can be run individually on many clients to avoid the “bottleneck” of running through a server machine, and can run at up to full bandwidth connectivity on each of those clients
  • Can be configured to run as a Windows service
  • SMB share can be run on the Object Matrix hub server
MXFS Data Sheet
Object Matrix Hub