Software only

Software Defined Object Storage

You like MatrixStore but wish to use your own hardware platform of preference? No problem. MatrixStore can work on a diverse set of platforms to bring you the benefits of object storage, scalability, metadata search and data management.

Whilst the majority of our customers prefer the plug-and-play set up of MatrixStore as an appliance with the hardware and software ready to use together, there is a multitude of reasons why an individual organisation might prefer to run MatrixStore on their own hardware of preference. Perhaps because of a pre-existing hardware supply arrangements, commonality of engineer training, spare parts or just because of a personal preference.

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What are the infrastructure requirements?

MatrixStore software will run on pretty much any platform supporting Ubuntu Server Linux. However, we will work with you to make sure that each node in the cluster has an appropriate balance of disk, RAM, CPU and network capability to take the best advantage of the software. Working with you, trained MatrixStore engineers will happily walk through the intricacies of BIOS settings to get optimal security, speed, and stability for your needs.

We require minimum specs for the MatrixStore software but the rest is up to you.

To find out more about this option or MatrixStore, in general, please contact us today.

Key Functionality

  • Flexible configurations (size and performance)
  • Implement business rules controlling data storage, controlling HSM, regulation compliance etc
  • Built in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. Enables organisations to access their data in the event of a local outage.
  • Filesystem (SMB, NFS, CIFS, local volumes), FTP, Amazon S3 and MatrixStore API access
  • Advanced metadata management and extraction
  • MatrixStore API integrated into many Partner tools for seamless workflows: Grass Valley, Avid, Adobe, etc
  • Forward and backward hardware compatibility for Future Proof expansion of the storage

  • Automates storage management tasks to ensure data longevity and availability.

Software-only technical requirements

  • Platform to support Ubuntu Server v12 or higher (preferred)
  • Platform set-up sign-off from the Object Matrix Engineering team

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