MatrixStore Benefits

MatrixStore is more than just a filesystem. It is the flexible and integrated private storage cloud that fits seamlessly into your workflows.

MatrixStore uses object based storage technology to provide an integrated and automated nearline platform to support multiple workflows. It stores data, metadata and automatically applies data storage policies to provide a secure and scalable solution for your data storage requirements.

MatrixStore Datasheet

What is Object Storage?

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Media Data Replication

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Data Security Datasheet

Key Functionality

  • Flexible configurations (size and performance) for any file type (HD, 4K, 8K, PDF, JPG, PNG etc)
  • Advanced metadata management, extraction and indexing
  • Implement business rules controlling data storage, controlling HSM, regulation compliance etc. All actions fully audited
  • Built in Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. Enables organisations to access their data in the event of a local outage.
  • Unique Process in Place (PiP) functionality processes the data where it lives
  • Filesystem (SMB, NFS, CIFS, local volumes), FTP, Amazon S3 and MatrixStore API access
  • MatrixStore API integrated into many Partner tools for seamless workflows: Grass Valley, Avid, Adobe, etc
  • Forward and backward hardware compatibility for Future Proof expansion of the storage

  • Automates storage management tasks to ensure data longevity and availability.

Reviews from around the globe

People everywhere trust in our SECURE, SCALABLE and AFFORDIBLE nearline platform.

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An example of MatrixStore in a tightly integrated news & media workflow

Nearline storage & DR

Secure storage, web based access with Cantemo integration

MAM, Archive & Workflow

M6 is the most profitable private national French TV channel

Avid Interplay

History is an American basic cable and satellite television channel

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