The cloud storage service designed for the media industry*

MatrixStore as a Service

MatrixStore-as-a-service (MaaS) is a media focused private cloud platform hosted by Object Matrix that provides flexible and affordable disaster recovery, business continuity, archive and global collaboration services.

MaaS can help your organisation to benefit operationally and financially by letting us shoulder the burden of your data protection and data sharing challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Fully managed and hassle free:

    Operations teams can work on more tasks that benefit the business. We do the hosting and maintenance work for you, so you can concentrate on generating revenue

  • Unlimited uploads and downloads:

    Meaning no extra fees or hidden costs, you can control your budget

  • Fast search:

    Find your content in seconds meaning creative teams can do more with the content you own

  • Instant access:

    Giving you access to your archive at no extra cost, it is your content so you can access it as and when you need to

  • Fully protected:

    Dual copy and optional enhanced redundancy ensures you will always be able to keep working, no matter what

  • Designed for you:

    A secure and protected, hosted storage solution that integrates into how you work, not making you adapt to how the cloud wants you to work

Do you

Need to implement a DR strategy with ease?

MaaS offers asynchronous replication from your on premise MatrixStore cluster for hassle free content protection and access using your current MS interfaces

Want to implement an off premise cloud strategy but costs too high?

MaaS is a low cost Opex model with fixed storage costs and no hidden fees or penalties

Need a flexible and elastic cloud based platform?

MaaS pricing enables you to adopt a managed service with the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity requirements

Need constant access to content in the cloud but it costs an arm and a leg?

MaaS does not charge you to access your content, it is yours, so upload and download what you want

Want to adopt a cloud strategy but the access will not be fast enough?

MatrixStore can offer a hybrid model that gives you the best of both worlds (see Hybrid Models)

*Service is currently available in the UK and France. Contact us about implementing MaaS in your region.

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