An update on previous reviews posts. Some nice commentary and articles here from broadcast publications and respected bloggers from the storage world:

TVB Europe

An excellent writeup in TVB Europe showcasing MatrixStore as the AVID archive solution for broadcaster UTV who are based in Northern Ireland.;jsessionid=30BF9BB08174462233944970ED973119

Claus Egge

Claus is a respected storage industry analyst who we met at StorageBeers back in 2010. Surprised to hear of a UK storage company using object technology Claus kindly made contact soon after the event and produced the following blog post:


Martin is a well known and respected storage blogger who in his spare time manages the storage infrastructure for one of the worlds’ largest broadcasters. Mark and I met with Martin again last week over a pint of shandy and talked a fair bit about the state of the industry and of course about MatrixStore. If ever we release MatrixStore as a downloadable package for Linux Martin will be the first to get it! That’s a promise 😉

The view from OM

We have been lucky to have made the acquaintance of some talented and insightful people in our 8 year history. To have the support of key industry figure such as Robin, Martin, Will and Claus is very much appreciated.