It is becoming clear that tiered storage is becoming a hard requirement for any organisation creating, manipulating or re-purposing digital content. It is no longer the done thing to ram everything that comes into the facility straight onto the production disk, be it AVID ISIS or Apple XSAN they both are not designed as secure repositories for the prolonged protection of hundreds of terabytes of content. The ‘trending’ storage architecture is to let the Nearline take the strain, getting the ‘stuff’ off the production disk in order to allow the end users the un-fettered super fast access to the clips they need to access.

Even though Mark, our Head of Sales, would sell you MatrixStore as an editing platform I can confirm that, right now, it is not suitable for such a task. Can you do a quick browse of clips and do some rough scene/clip selection? absolutely. Can MatrixStore guarantee 20 streams of high definition content to bandwidth hungry editing clients? No right now. There are excellent products out there that have been designed to do that job, one such product is SPACE from GBLabs (another storage product to have been developed, built and delivered out of the UK).

MatrixStore and SPACE are very different products designed to tackle very different jobs. If you want to edit from your fibre or ethernet attached storage platform then SPACE is more relevant. If you want a highly secure, scalable , searchable ingest and nearline repository that guarantees authenticity and long term protection then MatrixStore is for you. The two products, when combined, provide for almost all of the disk based storage requirements faced by organisations working with file based video workflows.

If you would like to know more about the solutions please click on the image:

The View From OM

We have known the guys behind GBLabs for quite some time and there are some commonalities between the two companies:

1. Both UK tech companies making waves both locally and internationally.

2. Both companies aim to use off the shelf commodity components where possible ensuring the platforms remain both cost-effective and future proof.

Where the guys from GBLabs win over Object Matrix everytime is that there will never be a more grumpy management team (just for you Dom and Ben ;-)) Let the flaming begin…