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Providing Integrated & Automated Data Governance Platforms

Prior to forming Object Matrix, the three founding members were all busy developing object based storage technology for other companies. That was over 13 years ago, the technology was bleeding edge and a forerunner to many of the storage platforms available today.

The founders left to develop their own vision and they, like many others, foresaw the exponential growth in data volumes. However, the Object Matrix philosophy was not just built on the inherent scalability and interoperability of object based storage but also the benefits it offers in terms of instant to access data and metadata.

They spent the next 10 years iteratively building, testing and extending the platform. The flagship technology is ‘MatrixStore’, object storage software that provides protection and governance for the lifetime of any digital content. MatrixStore can service organisations in any market but today it is predominantly used by some of the worlds biggest organisations (NBC Universal, France Télévisions, TV Globo, EDF, the BBC to name a few) that create, curate and distribute digital video content.

MatrixStore offers several benefits for organisations that require archive storage, content curation, distribution at scale and would like their staff to work on higher value functions. They include:

  • On-site, off-site or private cloud deployment that can grow and scale with your requirements
  • Interoperability that allows for scale and extendibility in capacity, bandwidth and workflow
  • Robust and proven disaster recovery and business continuity platform. Automatic data replication on or off site
  • High levels of security. Searchable audits and enhanced content governance come as standard.
  • Intelligent hierarchical storage management – complete control over the Total Cost of Ownership for stored media
  • Flexible integration into video production and distribution workflows.

Carefully targeted tools extend the platform

The team has developed a suite of tools and utility applications that come either as options or bundled free with the platform. For example, the browser based collaborative workflow tool ‘Vision’ allows geographically dispersed teams to work, share and distribute assets and proxies regardless of where they are based.


  • Media governance
  • Automated workflows
  • Media workflow integration: Ingest, Curation, Asset Management, Hierarchical storage management
W.I.G - Workflow Innovation Group

Join fellow professionals from the post, broadcast and content creation community to discuss the increased challenges around content security and also AI.

Management Team

Jonathan Morgan

Jonathan Morgan


Jon founded Object Matrix and brought the team together to architect and build MatrixStore. He is a serial entrepreneur with a talent for well conceived and designed software solutions. MatrixStore is the result of Jon’s vision in 2003 for the need for an easier and more secure way to archive digital data to disk.

Nick Pearce-Tomenius

Nick Pearce-Tomenius

Sales and Marketing Director

Nick co-founded Object-Matrix. He has a development, project management, commercial and sales background with companies like EMC, Lucent and Qantas. Nick is currently responsible for sales, marketing and alliances.

Francisco Ontoso-Ramos

Francisco Ontoso-Ramos


Francisco has a strong background in software development, having studied and worked for over 15 years in the industry. His experiences includes having worked with companies, from start-ups to large corporations such as Sony. He is responsible at Object Matrix for the technology and runs the development team.

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